Spotlight: AgnesG.Nails



Magicbox: Hi Agnes! Thank you for talking with us today. We’re excited to hear more about the experience you provide – it sounds so relaxing and luxurious!

Agnes: It’s lovely to be here! We love creativity at AgnesG.Nails and your idea is very interesting. We would like our customers to feel that not only they can customise their outfit they can also have their one of a kind customised nails. We want them to feel like they stand out for their creativity. Our team are all well trained technically with each individual creative flair in the Nailart and nails services.

Magicbox: That sounds like artistry with a unique medium. How do people tell you they feel once they look at their finished nails?

Agnes: They say that they feel special and well treated with our warm services. They can let their nails be the topic of their night and be in the limelight. They enjoy it when people comment on their nails, which creates a conversation, and the opportunity to talk about something they love.

Magicbox: What kind of people generally come in to get their nails done in this artistic and creative way?

Agnes: We often get people who like to stand out for their uniqueness. They also enjoy having their nails done as a luxurious pampering experience.

Magicbox: Why did you decide to develop this experience? What makes you passionate about this work?

Agnes: We realised that most of the nail salons provide the same basic nail care and they are able to do limited nailart designs. However, there is this group of people who like more flair and creativity in the way they present themselves, but the market is lacking a salon that can provide that extreme level of technical expertise and creativity. We often customise the design according to customer’s outfit or event theme. We enjoy the trust customers have with us and allow us to make full use of our creativity.

Magicbox: Tell us your story, how you got to this point and any future plans you have to expand the experience.

Agnes: Both my husband and I have very different backgrounds that are not related to nailart, nail salons, or the beauty industry generally. I was from the finance sector and he is an engineer. We decided to take a risk to follow our passion and start a business. As I have loved to draw since I was a girl, it was very natural to be interested in nails as well. We have just expanded and opened a new outlet at the new mall Paya Lebar Quarter (supposed to be the next new CBD). Our future plan is to have another outlet in the West. It seems that there are many people who like to stand out through their nail art.

Magicbox: What do you like about the Magicbox concept? Why did you agree to join our group of experience creators?

Agnes: We find that Magicbox concept is in line with our company motto. You have a New, Unique and Special gift idea. Magicbox provides a very practical way of presenting a gift to someone. They bring experience and services to the customer as a gift, and not like the usual “stuff” that is given as a tangible gift.

Magicbox: Thanks so much for talking to us, it sounds like you’re work is really taking off. Singapore is clearly full of creative people who have attention to detail and like to stand out.

Agnes: It’s been lovely to talk about my passion. I really see it as an art form backed up with technical mastery, and the business taking off is really validating the concept.