Spotlight: Ina Shea

with Iverina


Magicbox: Hi Iverina! We’re excited to hear about your story from scrapbooking
shop to business owner at Ina Shea Floral Design. Thank you for sharing your
passion with us. Please could you describe the experience you provide in your own

Iverina: You’re welcome! We’re excited to share our story with the Magicbox community. You send some interesting people our way, people who are intentional about how they engage with the richness of life.

We share our floral design experience with people. We want them to feel relaxed and disconnect from the outside world. Our design conveys our different influences and emotions, allowing the arrangements to become a talking point. During the workshop, we want people to connect with their creations and just go with their intuition while designing. That’s where the flow of the experience happens. There’s no right or wrong to an art piece - hence we hope they can just let go of whatever stress that they are having and just heal with flowers.

Magicbox: Oh wow! It sounds like people can really connect with themselves during this experience. What do people tell you about how it makes them feel?

Iverina: Most of them say they feel a sense of accomplishment and joy at the end of the session. They find the process therapeutic too. Most people who come to us are individuals that are interested to try new things and who are curious to learn more about the art of floral arrangements.

Magicbox: Why did you decide to develop this experience? What makes you passionate about this work?

Iverina: Developing this experience gives us a chance to meet new people and share with them a skill. It’s quite a balance of everything. We love making beautiful works of art and it feels good to be able to work with individuals who appreciates such art forms. Through this passion, we are able to keep exploring on endless ideas and break out of our comfort zone in terms of creativity. It’s always good to try new challenges - it makes work more fulfilling every day.

Magicbox: So, tell us more about your personal story, how did you discover this passion?.

Iverina: Shea and I have been friends for over 10 years. We met while working in a scrapbooking shop during our early 20s. While we left and went on a separate career path, we still kept in touch throughout. At some point in our careers, we wanted to start something of our own. Both of us appreciate art and design and wanted to venture into something more meaningful in our career. Floristry was the stepping stone for us. We decided to go London to learn more in depth about floristry in order to equip ourselves with better skills. We wanted to incorporate our creativity to curate artworks that would inspire people and at the same time educate them. There’s so much more to learn about flowers than just simply putting them together. The thought processes behind each creation are endless.

Magicbox: What do you like about the Magicbox concept? Why did you decide to work with us?

Iverina: We like that through Magicbox we can provide a creative choice for the shoppers to gift to their special someone.

Magicbox: It’s been a joy talking to you Iverina, we are blessed to have partners who are so passionate about the experience they provide. It’s not just about the flower arrangement at the end of the process for you, you are helping people destress, relax, and heal from the treadmill of life. Thank you!

Iverina: You’re welcome, I am so delighted to share this experience with others.


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